Scott Hall

Scott Hall

Senior Sales and Operations Executive | Ellicott City, Maryland

Scott Hall

Maryland’s Scott Hall is a senior sales and operations executive. For the past 20+ years, he has worked in leadership roles in personal mobility, technology, commercial/government sales and specialty retail.

Currently, Scott is an independent consultant.


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Maryland’s Scott Hall Demonstrates the Dos & Don'ts of Customer Service

Today, there is no getting around the fact that customer service is instrumental in deciding a company's long-term potential. Businesses that are just commencing operations will seek to establish a solid customer base, while household brands will hope to retain their loyal clients that have been coming through for years and, certainly, attract greater numbers.

New Zipcars Debut In Bethesda

Alternative transportation options for Bethesdans are expanding after six new Zipcars debuted in Bethesda this month. Zipcars, which can be rented by the hour, have become popular among urbanites who rely mainly on public transportation and need a car only on occasion. The car sharing service provides an alternative to owning or renting a car.

Entrepreneur Interview

After having spent a great deal of my career in customer-facing roles building great operations, I could help many more companies in a consulting role, sharing my experiences. I have always enjoyed the fast pace of the consumer sector and consulting provides a great variety to my work.

Zipcars Only for Students Over 21

A new Zipcar fleet is stationed outside McDonough Arena this semester, but only a fraction of the student body is eligible to drive them. Under the university’s current agreement with Zipcar, a short-term car rental service, drivers must be at least 21 years old, have a driving record with no more than two moving violations or accidents in the past three years and have no history of alcohol- or drug-related violations.